The Jeteè throw

Throw made with upcycled cashmere. It is available in three different models and six colors.
Warm, soft, eco-friendly. Crafted completely in Italy by family owned enterprises.
It is perfect for watching Netflix or sipping a Tea.


The production process: the numbers

The throw is made entirely from old cashmere garments. A careful selection of old apparels ensures a perfect color: there is no dyeing, each piece is unique. Thanks to this creative process we are able to save many new natural resources. In particular, this method allows us to upcycle the leftovers and reduce the amount of water and chemical products used in the production!

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Rifo's throw: table of consume

Rifò: coperta in cachemere Claudia Beige

Claudia Beige Throw

Also available in burgundy and grey in the shop.

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Rifò: Coperta Vitti Beige di cachemere

Monica Beige Throw

Also available in Blue and Grey in the shop section.

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Rifò: Coperta in cachemere Lollobrigida Marrone

Brown Gina Throw

Aslo available in black and grey in the shop section.

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