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Rifò was born in the specific social context of Prato: a city full of art, traditions and know-how.

Through 2lovePrato project, Rifò is committed to give something back to the community in which it was born, promoting some solidarity projects.

Our approach includes the collaboration of local volunteering associations and the financing of concrete projects that we develop and follow together with the associations.

This is why for every purchase made through our e-store 2 euros are donated to a local project of your choice.

Project in progress

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A refuge for the environment

Mountain refuges are magical and timeless places. For all the values and emotions that this places represents, we decided to finance a project in collaboration with Legambiente Prato, aimed at enhancing the Cascina le Cave of Cantagallo, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.
Immersed in deciduous forests, the refuge is managed by professional environmental volunteers and guides, attentive to the values of eco-sustainability.
The main objective of the project funded by Rifò is to make the refuge even more sustainable and completely independent from an energy point of view, through the installation of a photovoltaic system. Rifò also wants to promote activities aimed at young people, for this part of the proceeds will be allocated to us.

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ABC, the alphabet of mothers

The continuous exchange between family and school is a fundamental step for the child’s growth. But what happens when these two environments fail to communicate as one would expect?
Through the support of psychologists and psychotherapists, ABC aims to include the Nigerian mothers of Prato in a path of support for parenting. The goal is to follow their children in school and also in sport, enhancing their skills, their culture and supporting the mothers in language learning and entering the local community.

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An educational garden in the city

An old vegetable garden once held by the Capuchin Friars, becomes the setting for an environmental education project for children and young people of all ages, from 3 to 15 years old.
Rifò renews the collaboration with the non-profit organization Opera Santa Rita to give life to a project aimed to teach young people biodiversity, conscious nutrition and the role that plants play for the life of the planet.
Through the tools acquired through the contribution of Rifò, the children will be able to see the fruit of their work sprout, and understand the importance of self-production, using recovery resources, such as rainwater and natural fertilizers.

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Progetti conclusi

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Breastfeeding is an important choice for the newborn child. For this reason it is important that especially in public facilities, there are special spaces where the mother and child can have comfort and privacy. The project proposed by the non-profit organization AMI immediately convinced us for the concrete consequences that will have on the daily life of the community, even the newborn one.
The idea is to help women and newborns in a pleasant and reserved place. Thanks to the contribution of Rifò customers, AMI will build a corner in Prato hospital dedicated to women that can use them to breastfeed, or even change their children.

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A sea of opportunities

A sailboat and 15 boys with behavioral problems that, thanks to the sea, engage themselves in a project, learning to relate and collaborate for a common goal.
It may seems like a film plot, but it is the project that Rifò has funded in collaboration with the non-profit Opera Santa Rita, which deals with children with difficult family situations.
During the various phases of the project the children learned the fundamentals to become little sea dogs, starting from the restoration of a small drift, the test of their abilities in the Bilancino lake, up to a three day trip in the open sea..

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