Social Impact: €2 of each purchase will donated to a project of your choice among those identified by Rifò with these lovely associations and foundations.

Logo AMI Prato

«Mum, choose the love for the future… Breastfeed me!»

Breastfeeding is an important life choice for both maternal and child’s health, representing a source of natural nourishment and a feeling of safety and warmth as well. Within the projects identified by Prato’s public hospital in order to promote breastfeeding, Fondazione AMI Prato has chosen to contribute to this cause creating a comfortable space where mothers can breastfeed or change their children’s diapers.

Opera Santa Rita - Logo

Sailing is a powerful educational instrument to fifteen teenagers coming from a disadvantaged social and familiar background, being an essential to fulfil its aims in the physical, behavioral and social spheres.
Through this educational tool, these targeted teenagers can solve the following problems and difficulties:
– behavioral problems, challenging attitude, rejection of rules and authority;
– relational sphere, tendency to isolation, difficulties in socializing, etc.;
– difficulties in completing tasks, assignments and shared activities.
Give these children the chance to live a wonderful experience!

Legambiente logo

A hut for our environment

The hut Cascina Le Cave, within the Acquerino-Cantagallo natural park in the Appennino pratese, is run by Legambiente Prato with the support of volunteers and guides. The hut hosts school groups and organizes Summer camps, playing a fundamental role into educational and formative activities for youngsters. Immersed in the green of broadleaf’s forests, the hut is sustainably managed and energetically independent.
They need now your support in order to improve the hut.