Rifò: Global Recycled Standard


What is Rifò

Rifò symbolises the combination between the protection of the planet and the old tradition of a city known throughout the world for its textile innovation, which keeps up the know-how of a great treasure: manual art.
It is a brand that arises from the need of a sustainable development, from the urgency of a change towards the establishment of an ethical economic model, shifting from the economic need to the climatic and environmental needs of our generation and those to come.
Rifò identifies the synergy between technology, social commitment and respect for the environment, focusing on elegance, quality and attention to detail.

Upcycled Cashmere

We wanted to create a cashmere that was sustainable, responsible and social. We wanted to make apparels to last for a lifetime. We collect old cashmere clothes, we shred them to make a new fiber, transform the latter into a new yarn that we use to make soft and warm garments.
The cashmere wool mesh is dropped in full, the accessories are just sewn together since there is no cut. This type of production named “a calata”, which maintains the characteristics of craftsmanship, guarantees high quality garments while minimizing the scraps. Wearing a 100% upcycled cashmere product is a sustainable choice.

1kg of Cotton Leftovers and 4-5 PLASTIC BOTTLES collected from the sea

Upcycled cotton

After recyclying wool, we decided to find a solution for cotton, one of the textile industry’s most polluting fabrics, as well as plastic bottles, the real threat to the sustainability of our planet.
After 4 months of work, we created a T-shirt that is sustainable, and environmentally and socially responsible. Ah, and designed to endure, of course!
Each t-shirt is made by 1kg of upcycled cotton and 4/5 plastic bottles.
Cotton is the most common natural fiber in the clothing industry, accounting for about 33 percent of all fibers found in textiles. Cotton is also a thirsty crop, it requires 2700 liters of water to make a t-shirt. At the same time, a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, creating a serious threat in waste management. Now, we have a solution to both these problems, our t-shit consumes only 30 liters of water while recycling old plastic bottles. Wearing Rifò t-shirt is a sustainable choice!



Our method allows us to recycle old clothes and reduce the amount of water, pesticides, energy and chemical products used in the production.
We believe that there is no more need to produce new textile fibers, we can use those that have already been consumed, we can take care of our future.


Km 0

We are committed to craft all our products in the textile cluster of Prato within a radius of 30km.
Manufacturing locally allows us to save fuel consumption during the production and to create job opportunities for the territory where the production is held. In addition, in this way we are certain about the quality and ethics of the production process.


Just in Time

In opposition to the common production logic that overproduces finished goods, Just In Time (JIT) is a sustainable industrial philosophy. The latter allows us to make products only after we receive an order, ensuring the highest quality and significant savings in terms of emissions and raw materials.

If available in stock, the products you requested will be delivered in 1-3 working days. For more information about delivery times please click here.
In high season, if not available in stock, it takes five to ten working days to produce your wished product, maximum fifteen days to receive it at your delivery address.
How does the stock management work? Once we receive a request for a product which is not available, we produce 5 of them so we can satisfy the requests of future customers.

Global Recycling Standard


All our recycling process is certified GRS (Global Recycling Standard), promoted by textile exchange, he latter certifies products obtained from recycled materials and manufacturing activities.

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