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Our team

Each of us has a different personality but there are some strong shared points.
Here are some of our values:


We like keeping up with times and staying updated on what’s happening around us.


Our desktops are always a disaster, but that’s where our best ideas were born!


We are commited every day to promote a change of course towards a more sustainable reality for our planet.


We are Italian (and most of all Tuscanian), so our love for good food is not a surprise!

Our team is made both of young and expert people. From this contamination we take the strenght to face new challenges everyday.

Rifò - Niccolò l'irrequieto

Niccolò (the restless)


Niccolò never stops, he always works: occasionally he even falls asleep in the office or he stares into space, his favourite painting.
Sometimes he doesn’t listen to you, he gets lost in his thoughts, where may he be? You call him again and again and he doesn’t answer or worse: he answers “yes” but he wasn’t listening.

His biggest passion is cinema, he never stops watching movies or mentioning them. Another of his passion is walking in the woods: his father Dante transmitted it to him since he was a kid, when they went together seeking for mushrooms and asparagus.

Niccolò firmly believes that everyone can make a difference, step by step.

Rifò - Clarissa l'amichevole

Clarissa (the friendly)


You can always count on Clarissa: she is always there.
Clarissa is dynamic and sporty, since she was a little girl she’s been passionate about figure skating and skiing.

Despite this passion of her, she definitely prefers going to the beach than to the mountains.
She is extremely realist and concrete, with a strong practical sense that let her solve any kind of problems.

Generous ed emotional, she loves fashion and feminity.

Clarissa loves stayng with her friends and share everything with them. She loves crowded places and big cities, she would do anything to not stay alone!

Rifò - Clarissa l'amichevole

Clarissa (the friendly)


Rifò - Daniele l'operativo

Daniele (the operational)

Product Developer

Daniele once stepped by accident on Camilla’s foot. She immediately asked: “What’s your sign? Are you a Pisces?”. She was totally right!

Daniele believes he is lucky: he managed to work with people he like doing a job he loves.

Unfortunately this makes time run faster… but surely he doesn’t get bored while seeking for new fabrics or way to produce new clothes.
He always tries to do what he loves, with the purpose to build something.

Daniele thinks that creating is the best way to change things with the will to improve them.

Rifò - Camilla la creativa

Camilla (la creativa)

Fashion Designer

Camilla seeks for inspiration in everyting that surrounds her: from the floor surface to a rock collected along the street.
Sometimes she really does it, also when she is speaking with us she just stops and pick up a little piece of paper from the ground, saying: “That’s what I was looking for!”.

She is a fashion designer but her secret wish is to be an astronaut, a philisopher, a therapist, an astrophysic, a farmer and noir writer just like Aghata Christie: all at the same time.

Enthusiasm chases her everywhere she goes, she is so full of new ideas and projects that usually give her migraine, so she finds her inner peace walking into nature.

Camilla believes that authentic human relations and a new Humanism can change the world.

Rifò - Camilla la creativa

Camilla (the creative)

Fashion Designer

Rifò - Martina la precisa

Martina (the meticulous)

Communication designer

Serial “to do list” compiler, infusios lover, meditative and nostalgic since she was born. In life, just like in what she does at work, she loves to be in a “team” because that gives her the self-confidence that isn’t part of her personality.

While everyone’s dream is a vacation on a Caribbean beach, her secret wish is to see the Northern lights. Her favourite season is, in fact, winter.

Her biggest passion is photography. She loves pressing the camera button and moving around the subject to change points of view.

She likes stopping by to observing details that no one ever notice. She hates, instead, being on the other side of the camera.

You can find it inside Agorà, a creative space open to everyone, a breath of fresh air in the city of Prato.
Agorà is also a shop where only handcrafted products are displayed.

We are open from Monday al Friday from 10 to 19 and Saturday from 15 to 19.

Rifò - Agorà logo

Rifò - Agorà - Ufficio / Negozio