Frieda – Bauhütte Multicolor Shawl


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The first line of Rifò shawls is made with a jacquard loom, dedicated to the design of the Bauhaus school to celebrate its centenary. The Shawls are inspired by the timeless art of Annie Albers, one of the best textile and graphic artist of the last century, and one of the first women entering the Bauhaus school.

All the Rifò shawls are made of 80% upcycled cotton and 20% of high quality natural cotton, obtained from industrial waste and crafted entirely in Italy.

Soft, light and comfortable, they are the perfect accessory for summer evenings or to complete your spring look.

The Freida Bauhütte Shawl is inspired by Itten’s color theory, the primary and secondary tones contrast with the neutral tone of the background, creating a particular and colorful shawl, perfect for a spring afternoon.

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