Socks Eugenio Blue Mora / Mouliné Gorgonzola



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SKU: A-AW-Calzini-Eugenio- Blue Mora/Mouliné Gorgonzola Categories: , ,
Composition 97% Cashmere - 3% Wool
Origin 100% Made in Italy
Dimensioni: Female: 35-40/ Male: 41-46

Upcycled cashmere wool socks Eugenio – Blue Mora / Mouliné Gorgonzola

Our new Eugenio socks are 97% upcycled cashmere and 3% upcycled wool and weigh 60 grams.

Eugenio cashmere blue socks are perfect for a winter walk in the wood, as well as for relaxing at home in front of the fireplace.

Female size: 35-40/ Male size: 41-46

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