Local impact

We believe that transparency is a fundamental value for an ethical and sustainable fashion, this is why it is one of the cornerstones of our brand.

Maximum transparency

We believe that transparency is a fundamental value for an ethical and sustainable fashion, this is why it is one of the cornerstones of our brand.
In this page you will find all the information you may need regarding where and how we produce our upcycled cashmere and upcycled cotton garments and accessories.
Here at Rifò we produce all our products beneath a 30 km radium from our office. This way we support local economy with new jobs opportunities.
Moreover we are capable of saving on the fuel consumption during the production.
Wearing a Rifò product is a responsible choice towards people and the environment.

Our Territory

Why is it so important producing inside our district?
First of all because this way we give value to our territory and, in particular, to the handcrafted tradition of our city: Prato.
In addition, maintaining this productive chain inside our territory let us have a positive impact on our community and on its workers.

Rifò - Il Nostro Territorio - Duomo di Prato

Short history of our textile district

  • XII century - XIII century
    Since this period we have proofs of artisans devoted to textile work in Prato. This activity in Prato was supported by many environmental factors like the avaiability of water thanks to the Bisenzio river and the presence of a land suitable for grazing sheep, from which they could obtain wool.

  • XVI century - XVII century
    Between the XVI and the XVII century Prato went through difficult times. It has managed to be one of the main textile European clusters until when it was subjected to a series of unlucky events. Two of them were the Sack of Prato, occurred in 1512 by the Spanish army and the spread of the plague.

  • XIX century
    A partire dall’Ottocento Prato inizia ad industrializzarsi, diventando così una vera e propria città industriale. In questo periodo vengono introdotti gli “Stracci” e la “Lana rigenerata”, che rivoluzioneranno l’industria tessile in Italia e non solo. Gli stracci giungevano già a Prato da tutto il mondo.

  • Beginning of XX century
    During World War II the textile industry was subjected to an abrupt stop because of the damages caused to factories from war bombardments. Luckily during Postwar the industriousness of people in Prato was showed again in the reconstruction. This led to the famous “miracoulos of Prato”: a period of wellness in which the city started again its production stronger than ever. From 1960s there was a renovation of machines and technologies that allowed Prato to affirm again as a world textile cluster.

  • End of XX century
    Unfortunately in the last years the district of Prato, and more in general the whole Italian textile industry, have been facing a difficult crisis. A cruel competition has been taking place within many companies and led to a trend of increasing delocalization of their production in Developing Countries, so that they could become more competitive in prices. This contributed to ruin many textile companies of our city that were forced to close.

  • Today
    It’s strange but it is possible to find a way out from the crisis in rags: a coming back to origins. Here at Rifò we are an example of this with our upcycled cotton and upcycled cashmere.

Benefits from this choice

Economia Locale

Local economy

Local economy is supported with the creation of new working opportunities.

Riduzione Carburante

Fuel reduction

We are capable of saving fuel consumption during the production.

Assenza di intermediari

Absence of intermediaries

Producing on the territory allow us to go directly to the source, avoiding intermediaries.

Riduzione Prezzi

Prices reduction

All these factors allow us to lower the final price of our products.

Our suppliers

We produce our products entirely inside our district in an ethical and open way.
To do this we entrust with suppliers with which we have been collaborating for a long time and that have become part of our team.
Every week we take care of checking all the production chain to guarantee the ethics of our production process.

At first it wasn’t easy to find people ready to work with low quantities of products.
Here at Rifò we steadily believe in the idea of a sustainable clothing that can avoid serious problems of overconsumtpion and overproduction.

The only way of not having whole unsold stocks in the warehouse is to produce following the needs and the taste of clients. This can be done only producing limited quantities of products, avoiding energetic and economic waste, even more than environmental.
Without the avaiability and the flexibility of our suppliers, our project wouldn’t have materialized.
Below you can find the list of the companies that help us everyday to continue our idea of sustainable fashion.

rifò - fornitori

Clothing and accessories

  • Roletex S.R.L.

They help us for: Jersey weaving in upcycled cotton
Birth: 1996
Distance from our office: 7.5 km
Francesco and Davide have been making jersey for a lifetime.
They were immediately avaiable to transform upcycled cotton yarns in soft and resistant textiles.
  • Manifattura Mugnaioni SNC

They help us for: Crafting beanies, scarves, ponchos and blankets
Birth: 1991
Distance from our office: 5.6 km
Between Daniele Mugnaioni and Rifò there’s a love-hate relationship. Always chasing each other, making orders up with no time left but we always end laughing and chatting on everything, from politics to football (after all we are Italian!).
  • Il guantificio S.r.l.

They help us for: Crafting cashmere gloves
Data di fondazione: 1992
Distanza dal nostro ufficio: 12.1 km
It is impossible to find it. At first, when we were looking for it, we couldn’t believe our eyes: a house in the middle of the farmland... is this the right place? It was indeed, and it has been making gloves for a long time!
  • Confezione Nove Nove Sei srl

They help us for: Making t-shirts
Birth: 1995
Distance from our office: 14.9 km
Andrea is very patient with us. To be honest we often ask him to bend over backwards and he is always avaiable for us.

  • Paola Ricami Snc

They help us for: Embroideries
Birth: 1998
Distance from our office: 19.3 km
Another house in the middle of the farmland, always full of machine embroidering day and night.
  • Tricot Srl

They help us for: Crafting sweaters
Birth: 1985
Distance from our office: 14.3 km
A knitwear factory on a roundabout. It seems the title of a movie but it isn’t.
Bruno and Lena make fantastic sweaters and are always avaiable for our prototypes and samples.
  • Manifatture settentrionali S.R.L.

They help us for: Shawls and beach towels
Birth: 1977
Distance from our office: 400 mt
They are very good at transforming all our drawings in refined textiles created both with the licci and the Jacquard loom.


We have said “NO TO PLASTIC” for the packagings of our products. Our brand encourage a sustainable and responsible lifestyle and our committment is clear in every moment of the lifecycle of our products, shipping included.
Also our business cards, tags and postcards are all in recycled cardboard, created following our sustainable philosophy.

  • La supergrafica S.n.c.

They help us for: Recycled cardboard tags, business cards, postcard, letters
Birth: 2001
Distance from our office: 3.8 km
Stepping in the Supergrafica warehouse is like entering in another era: you can find ancient machines, historical finds and so much more.
Alessandro often turns up his nose to every our request but then he always accepts smiling.
  • Emmetex etichettificio S.r.l.

They help us for:: Recycled polyester labels from plastic bottles
Birth: 1993
Distance from our office: 46 km
It wasn’t simple to find labels coherent with our project. Luckily we have found them not too far from us!
  • Scatolificio Lasco S.r.l.

They help us for: Recycled cardboard boxes
Birth: 1990
Distance from our office: 12 km
All the boxes you receive come from this historical family-run box factory.
Here at Rifò we steadily believe in openness and transparency.
This is why we will inform you every time when there will be a change in our value chain.

rifo - separatore Curzio Malaparte

“Not only the history of Italy but the one of the whole Europe ends in Prato, starting from ancient times when people from Prato have started making “pannilani” with the waste of all the world.

Prato, where everything arrives:
glory, honour, pity, pride, the vanity of the world.”


Curzio Malaparte