Clothes Recycling

Circular economy for everyone

More than a brand: we are a project

We want to be the first clothing brand in Italy with upcycled materials, offering a service to people to recycle their old clothes to be transformed into new products.
Rifò is not only a brand but also a circular economy project, the bridge between different realities that do care about the environment and circular economy.
In fact, we collaborate with local companies that have been dealing with textile recycling for years, to give people the opportunity to contribute to a circular economy project.

Jeans collection

Re-Think your jeans, a collaborative circular economy project.
Bring your old jeans to the NaturaSì stores that support the project and receive a Rifò discount voucher.


Collect cashmere

Whether they are old Rifò garments or not, through our collection service you can send us your old pure cashmere garments and receive a voucher that can be spent on our website.

Discover How

The regeneration of textile fibers is possible when the garments are 100% or almost composed of a certain material, which is virgin or regenerated.
A virgin cashmere fiber can be regenerated up to about 5 times. While denim cotton up to 3 times.
Choosing cotton or wool garments that do not have important percentages of synthetic materials means being able to give your clothes a new life.

Recycled and recyclable garments

We don’t want to interrupt the circular economy cycle, so we promote the upcycling of textile fibers. For this reason Rifò mainly produces recycled and recyclable garments.
Our composition labels? Here they are:
The Rifò cashmere sweater: 97% upcycled cashmere, 3% wool.
The Rifò cotton denim sweater: 80% upcycled denim cotton, 15% natural cotton, 5% other fibers.
Rifò beach towel: 80% upcycled cotton, 20% natural cotton. The Rifò T-shirt: 52% upcycled cotton, 48% polyethylene obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles.
We are always looking for materials consistent with our values ​​that allow us to create a quality product.
For cotton a percentage of virgin fiber has been added to give resistance to the garment.
While for the T-Shirt, the only Rifò garment that cannot be upcycled for its percentage of synthetic composition, it is currently not possible to create a garment 100% upcycled cotton that thin. We already tried but in the first wash, it shrunk so much that it was not wearable.

Rifò - Riciclo Vestiti

An upcycled fabric or yarn cannot have a pure composition. In fact, there is always a variable quantity due to the stitching and other details which is incorporated in the regeneration process but cannot be traced.

For this reason, a very small percentage, between 3% and 5%, is defined as “other fibers”, often consisting of polyester or polyamide.

Being minimal, these do not affect the quality of the garment nor the possibility of recycling it again.

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