Cashmere Sweater

The Rifò Sweater

Sweaters made with upcycled cashmere. They are available in two different models and two colors. Warm, soft, eco-friendly. Crafted completely in Italy by family owned enterprises. How did we make them?

processo riciclaggio Maglioncino Cashmere

Production process: The numbers

The sweater is made entirely from old cashmere garments. A careful selection of old apparels ensures a perfect color: there is no dyeing, each piece is unique. Thanks to this creative process we are able to save many natural resources. In particular, this method allows us to upcycle the leftovers and reduce the amount of water and chemical products used in the production!

Tabella Consumi Riciclo Maglioncino Rifò

We haven’t seen elsewear knitwear in Cashmere which is less than 120 euros. We really wanted to make this exceptional material affordable ; thanks to a distribution without intermediaries and an effort on our margins, theses pieces will be at 74€ during the campaign and 89€ at the final price !

The Rifò Sweaters

Rifò Maglioncino Donna Grigio e Blue


Made with 97% cashmere and 3% wool.

Rifò Maglioncino Uomo Grigio e Blue

Resistant and soft.

It has been tested several times, it is resistant to pilling.

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