Rifò - Sustainable Wear Project

Sustainable wear project

The New
100% Recycled

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Rifò collezione teli mare in tessuto rigenerato

The summer blankets

Perfect for enjoying summer, you can use it as beach towel, summer blanket and pareo.
You will be amazed by its softness!

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Rifò - Telo mare sostenibile

Rifò - T-Shirt in cotone rigenerato

Rifò collezione t-shirt in tessuto cotone rigenerato

the T-Shirt

Rifò t-shirt has been designed with 100% recycled fabric which offers all the properties that make a t-shirt appreciated: comfort, softness, durability and outfit.

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Rifò - T-Shirt in cotone rigenerato


What is Rifò?

Rifò produces high quality garments and accessories, made with 100% recycled textile fibers.
Thanks to a mechanical and craftsmanship process developed in the textile district of Prato (our city) more than 100 years ago, we are able to turn fabric leftovers into new accessories and clothes with identical qualities to the original products, this process is technically called regenerating textile fibers.

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